Pixels Plus Paper was born out of my love for anything to do with paper, and my passion for and formal training in graphic design.

It is my little chance to continue my passion for design. Not only do I design the usual identities, posters, advertising, booklets etc. but have a passion for anything paper so greeting cards, invitations, anything at all! Paper is the medium of choice. It really is amazing what you can achieve with a blank piece of paper.

Pixels Plus Papers virtual doors opened in 2008 with an Etsy store shortly followed by a MadeIt store and we haven’t closed since. So now I have slowly progressed to my own little online shop, run by me, where I can share my hobby of creating anything to do with paper. I call it Pixels Plus Paper Paraphernalia. It’s really a little place on the World Wide Web for my own designs conjured up in front of my computer screen.

It’s a showcase for ideas and resulting paraphernalia that I have designed and made by hand and wish to share. A long-term obsession with stationery has culminated in a store heavily focused on unique stationery items.

I hope to make you smile, breathe a little sigh of ‘just gorgeous’ and show you that handmade can mean a quality product that is also unique in its design